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web design


I’m Manos. This is my blog which is all about creating and sharing (free) stuff for developing websites.

I originally created this blog to experiment with WordPress and posted some scripts to go with it. Out of nowhere, few of them became somewhat popular (or so I thought) so I posted some more which kept the thing growing.

I mostly publish plugins (jQuery, WordPress etc.) and few tutorials. Everything is completely free, licensed under the MIT License, which means that you have permission to use any script, template etc. on personal or commercial projects and modify it however you like.


In short, I’m a front-end web designer (HTML/CSS/JS) but I also like PHP/MySQL as much as the next guy. I create jQuery plugins (from tiny ones to full-blown galleries) and cool stuff (themes, plugins etc.) for WordPress.

I’ve worked for various agencies (especially as a web/UI designer and Flash developer) and of course as a freelancer since I can’t remember. I don’t have a page where I showcase my work. It’s not really convenient due to the variety and type of projects and clients I’ve done work for but if you’d like to see some of it, send me a message at .

WTF is “malihu”?

malihu comes from my last name Malihutsakis which is Greek and the vast majority of Greek surnames suck big-time. Mine sucks so bad, even Greeks have hard time pronounce it, so malihu is really a shortcut to my last name. Almost everyone calls me that way since forever so I stick to it.

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